Client: VRX Studios // Project: Hyatt Ziva Cancun // Produced by: VRX Studios + 5/13/2016 


The property wanted to showcase their incredibly vast and beautiful Presidential Suite. It had 3 bedrooms and a master suite, a gorgeous balcony with a hot tub, dining room area, full kitchen, and a private elevator entrance. All this topped off with a butler service!!

The team was very meticulous about staging - making sure to keep it open and airy, but still popping with life. 


We chose to photograph during the day to really give that "beachy" vibe that guests would be looking forward to feeling. I waited until the sun was in the correct position so we didn't have any distracting sun lines or rays invading the interior elements. There's definitely a time and place for that effect, but not for this client or what we were trying to focus on. Although there was a beautiful vanity in the corner in camera right, this composition really tells the best story of what the master bathroom had to offer. 


I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be getting much work done in that office area - too much beauty and welcoming distractions all around. I loved the hanging lights above the desk. All of the foreground furniture was rearranged to fit the comp in order to balance the living space with the working area. 

On this project, we covered many different locations, but in the end, we pulled off a very successful shoot while managing to have a great time doing it! As we all know, the job doesn't stop when the cameras shutter snaps - the images were sent to the Vancouver office for the post team to start working their magic. A shoot isn't defined by the subject that you are capturing. It is a collaborative effort from start to finish, spanning days to weeks to sometimes months between the client, the property, the photo team on-site, the sales and brand management team, and post-production. It's a wonderful experience to be able to work with a motivated and gifted team, and I have been very fortunate to be a part of it.